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14,500 American Airlines Ticket Agents Vote Overwhelmingly to Join CWA

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By Janet Elston, American Airlines Agent, Texas   After a 22 yearlong effort to obtain union representation, the Passenger Service workgroup at American Airlines finally achieved what most thought was the impossible. An overwhelming 86% yes vote to become members of the Communications Workers of America. BAM! Over the years we faced a lot of adversity.  CWA stepped up to the plate and we formed Local 6001, American Airlines Passenger Service Association (AAPSA) in Euless, TX. CWA was instrumental and assisted us every step on our journey.   It took many thousands of hours from volunteers to get to our victory. It was never easy. We worked it, every single day. Once we got one person on board, they would get another person on board. One person at a time. Until we had a legion to support the effort. Our company spent millions of dollars over the two decade period of time to brainwash a lot of our colleagues. They hired outside union busting firms to do their dirty work. CWA gave us the guidance and information we needed to make informed decisions on our campaigning. They had our backs every step of the way. Please do not be afraid to speak up, stand up and voice up. Come together in unity and solidarity. Become a force to be reckoned with. You will succeed with perseverance. Go forward with determination. I wish you well in your journey. Take back the labor movement. Never, ever, give up. Ever.
CWAdmin14,500 American Airlines Ticket Agents Vote Overwhelmingly to Join CWA

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