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CWA Saves More Jobs at Verizon Wireless

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CWA just saved another job at Verizon Wireless, this time in Brooklyn. In Brooklyn and Everett Verizon Wireless retail stores we are fighting for our first union contract. Whiunnamed (4)le that is still in process we are already enjoying the job security that comes with being a union member. unnamed (3) Most recently VZW management attempted to fire Victory Eshareturi, a Solutions Specialist at the Bay Ridge store in Brooklyn, after a conflict with a manager left her feeling unsafe in her store. While at first the company held their ground that Victory was to blame, the union was able to win her job back. “I was unsure about the union at first.” Victory said, “But earlier this year the company attempted to fire me because I felt uncomfortable with my manager at work. Because I had a union, not only did I have a representative with me at every step of the investigation process but the union also worked diligently for months to stop the company from wrongfully terminating me.” She continued, “As a result, I am back to work and a proud Union supporter. I’ve truly learned the meaning of solidarity.” This victory (for Victory!) comes on the heels of a National Labor Relations Board brokered settlement won by the union in Everett which wiped clean unfair lateness and absence records for all workers in the store. This settlement saved at least three jobs including Heidi’s and Darwin’s (pictured below). Darwin DeLeon, Solutions Specialist Everett, MA (left), “This is a great win. I like that the union has my back!” Heidi Thomson, Solutions Specialist Everett, MA (right), “CWA does it again for Everett!”    
CWAdminCWA Saves More Jobs at Verizon Wireless