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Can They Do That!?

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Management has been spreading misinformation about what our rights are regarding your job. Read below to learn the TRUTH about what your rights are. Call CWA’s hotline at 347-979-2929. Someone will pick up or you can leave a message and we will return your call. 

Q: Why should I reach out to the union? You may be surprised to learn that many of your co-workers at Verizon Wireless have reached out to CWA. You are not alone. We are creating a network of people across the country who are growing tired of the reduced commission checks, the increased pressure, the unfair scheduling changes, the layoffs, the favoritism, and the lack of respect by some managers. As this network grows so does our power to fight to address these issues. We will speak with you anonymously about what is happening in your area, and discuss how we can win improvements together!

Q: Do I have the right to speak with someone from the CWA union? Yes. Federal law says you have the right to speak with a union rep about your working conditions without threat of retaliation from management.

Q: If the company wants to retaliate against me won’t they just say they are disciplining me for something else? The Federal government knows how companies have tried to get around the law. Workers who support unions have to be treated the same as workers who do not. It is against the law for management to discipline a union supporter even if they do something wrong if they do not treat non union supporters the same way. The burden of proof lies on the employer to show that they did not retaliate against you because of your support for the union or engaging in union activities.

Q: What if I work in a Right to Work state? Do I have the right to organize? Yes. All non supervisory employees in the private sector across the United States have the legal right to organize to improve working conditions and form a union.

Q: Will the company ever find out I am speaking with the union? CWA will keep all conversations completely confidential. No one will ever know you are speaking with us unless you tell people yourself.

Q: Will my call center or retail store close if we are seen as supporting the union? It is illegal to close a work locations in retaliation for the employees there supporting a union. Union or no, call centers are being closed and our jobs are being shipped overseas. Retail stores are being closed and replaced with authorized dealers. Without a union the company can close your location at any time and you have no recourse. With a union you have a voice to fight for your job and/or demand larger severance in any layoff situation.

Q: What happens if I am retaliated against for speaking with the union? Federal law gives workers the right to organize and speak with unions about working conditions, pay, etc. It is illegal for Verizon (or any company) to punish workers for exercising their rights. It is extremely rare for Verizon to fire some for supporting a union, however if it happens, CWA has attorneys who will file complaints with the Federal Government (National Labor Relations Board) in the event anyone is illegally disciplined or terminated as a result of their union activity.

Q: Why is this company so against us forming a union? When you form a union, you have power. This company wants to maintain decision-making power for themselves. The company knows what CWA members in wireline have successfully fought for and won over the years: higher wages, benefits, and working conditions. We don’t fight only for things that cost the company money; we also demand a voice on the job.

Q: What can I do now? Be brave. Reach out and talk with the union and understand that your conversation will be kept in confidence.

Q: How do I call anonymously? Call CWA’s hotline at 347-979-2929. Someone will pick up or you can leave a message and we will return your call.
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