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On May 1st. AT&T implemented a new attendance policy. Not only does this plan affect our members but it affects the children and families of our members! Please like and share this video of Mobility children speaking out. Posted by Unity at AT&T Mobility on Thursday, May 21, 2015
On May 1st. AT&T implemented a new attendance policy. Not only does this plan affect our members but it affects the children and families of our members! Please share this video of the children of workers at AT&T Mobility speaking out.
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Fair Scheduling For CWA Members at AT&T Mobility

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Tyler O’Neil, Sales Rep, AT&T Mobility, ME
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Tyler O’Neil, CWA member @ AT&T Mobility

    Last year I was lucky enough to have a new member join my family, my son Benjamin. After he was born I was able to take 4 weeks of paid vacation time, including commission pay, to take care of my newborn son and help my wife recover. Without our union and contract I wouldn’t have been able to afford to take the time off to care for my family. Our contract grants me over 5 weeks of paid time off yearly (6 weeks if you count paid sick time) after only 1 year of employment. We also receive extra pay on holidays, two paid breaks a day, excused with pay time, floating holidays, and exchange time. Thanks to our contract we are able to pick our own schedules instead of having them assigned by management. The schedule needs to be posted far in advance and can’t be changed last minute, making it easy to plan your time. I can’t imagine how one would juggle work, family, and day to day life without our contractually provided paid time off and advanced scheduling of shifts. When my son had his three month checkup the doctor gave us news no parent wants to hear. Our son was exhibiting signs of potentially having a tumor or other growth in his brain. We were told to bring him into the hospital for a brain scan immediately. I contacted my union steward and was told this would be covered by FMLA. Thankfully, my son was fine but my troubles were not quite over. When I returned to work my manager pulled me into the office and told me he would be investigating my time off and it could lead to discipline, including termination. I immediately contacted the union and found that managements threats were not only against our contract, it was against the law. Within hours my boss received a call from the union and I haven’t had any trouble from him since. Every union representative I spoke with genuinely cared about helping me and followed up to make sure everything was ok at work and home. This experience taught me that the union isn’t structured like a business. It’s not controlled by individuals trying to appease shareholders, get rich, or looking for power. The union is more like a family. We look out for each other and stand together to fight for what’s right. As we’ve seen at AT&T the only way to make change is to band together and demand that the company puts people before profits. It gives me pride to be a member of the CWA and I’m excited to see fellow telecom workers at Verizon joining our family.
CWAdminFair Scheduling For CWA Members at AT&T Mobility
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Union Myths & Facts

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VZW management has been spreading myths about the union. Here are some of the myths debunked.  
the union is US!

Cartoon by Carol Simpson

MYTH – The union will make lots of promises about job security, pay raises, scheduling, etc. that they cannot live up to. FACT – “The union never made any promises except that we would have a voice on the job. That promise has proven true. We are now sitting across from the table negotiating over improvements in job security, scheduling, and compensations.”-  Pito Ramos, Solutions Specialist, Verizon Wireless Everett MA MYTH – CWA is a for profit business, that just wants your dues money. FACT – CWA is a 501(c)5 which is a nonprofit classification. No member pays dues until they vote yes for a first contract. MYTH – Shop stewards make $80,000 a year and are provided a car. FACT – Shop stewards are not paid anything by the union, nor are they provided a car. Shop stewards are our coworkers.They continue working for the company while carrying out their duties as stewards. MYTH – Brooklyn and Everett workers feel they have made a mistake voting for the union. FACT – CWA members  in  Brooklyn and Everett Verizon Wireless still love their union. See below, Brooklyn, Verizon Wireless CWA members at a union bowling night last month and Everett, Verizon Wireless CWA members at a union dinner. Also watch this great video, of Brooklyn VZW workers expressing their support for their union. Bowling night MYTH – The CWA is only bargaining for things that help the union like a union bulletin board and not things that help the members like raises. FACT – We have proposed a comprehensive compensation plan at the bargaining table that would increase wages, raises, and commissions. All bargaining proposals have been created by VZW workers. See article above. MYTH – The union just wants your dues. FACT – CWA is a membership organization run by and for the members. We only pay dues once we vote to approve a first contracts (neither Brooklyn nor Everett have paid any dues to date). Once we have a contract that improves our compensation and working conditions, our dues money goes towards negotiation of contracts, enforcing contracts, helping organize unrepresented workers, and programs to provide safe and healthy workplaces. MYTH – If you join a union you could lose important benefits or privileges you currently have. FACT – When workers join a union it is illegal for the company to make any negative changes to your conditions of employment while you are bargaining your contract. Every single first contract CWA members have negotiated in the history of the union has resulted in improved working conditions for the members. This is just a scare tactic. MYTH – When you join a union you will be forced into a new “lifestyle” that invloves spending hours on picket lines and constantly fighting. You will also be forced to go on strike. FACT – Joining a union will not force you to change your life style. Most of the time you will work like normal (although you will likely have more job security and better pay!) Having a union does give you the tools to make improvements at work. It is true that when we negotiate contracts we sometimes rally and picket. It is exactly for that reason that the CWA members in Verizon Wireline make much more money and receive better benefits than we do on the wireless side. No union can ever force anyone to strike.    
CWAdminUnion Myths & Facts
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Unity Is Key at VZW and VZ

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Watch this amazing Youtube video of Verizon workers from both sides of the company showing solidarity with each other. When we support each other in our fights for better wages, benefits, and working conditions we both win!  
CWAdminUnity Is Key at VZW and VZ
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VZW Workers to Company, “We Deserve A Raise!”

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By Gil Forero, VZW Solutions Specialist Everett, MA, CWA Bargaining Committee Member gil Contract negotiations at Verizon Wireless in Brooklyn, NY and Everett, MA have reached a critical point. Earlier this month, we proposed a comprehensive compensation package to the company in both locations. The package we proposed includes increases in base pay and commissions / bonuses that we felt reflected the hard work we have put into the company. Among the highlights in our proposal is an increase in base rates as well as a standardization of raises to insure that reps reach top rate in a reasonable amount of time. It also includes provisions which would ensure a fair administration of the quota setting process as well as improvements to commission payouts. Our hard work has led to 4.2 billion in profits for Verizon Wireless in the first quarter of 2015 alone. As frontline employees we deserve a share of this massive profit. Not surprisingly Verizon Wireless disagrees. Despite its billions in profits, management rejected our proposal without giving it serious consideration. On the other hand Lowell McAdams gave himself a 16% raise to 18.3 million a year. We are responding to the company’s rejection of our proposal by starting to mobilize in Brooklyn and Everett, showing our unity by wearing red CWA wristbands. Our 35,000 brothers and sisters in the landline side of the company have also begun to mobilize for their contract. They have our backs, just like we have their backs. This is what solidarity is all about. We believe when all is said and done we will win a good contract with real improvements in compensation.
CWAdminVZW Workers to Company, “We Deserve A Raise!”
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Join me in telling Verizon Wireless we ALL deserve a raise! We’ve earned it.

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sign the petition, we deserve more!

  The hard-working employees who day after day make Verizon Wireless successful deserve a raise. Sign this petition and let’s see if we can make it happen! Add your name:

Why is this important?

As retail, call center and technical workers, we are proud of the work we do for Verizon Wireless. Thanks to our hard work, Verizon Wireless recently posted a stunning $4.22 billion in profits! A few weeks ago, Verizon Wireless gave a raise to many new hires at call centers across the company by increasing the minimum pay by $2000. Although this is a good first step, this increase won’t affect most of us. Many of us who have been with the company for years have seen little to no increases in pay or recognition that it is our dedication and talent that has contributed to the company’s success. For me, now that I have a new born son at home, getting a fair wage is more important than ever. Not only have we earned it, but an increase in pay would put all of us in a better position to care for ourselves and our loved ones. We started this online petition to respectfully ask that management give the same raise to all its employees, not just new-hires and those working for minimum pay. If enough of our co-workers sign, we believe Verizon Wireless will listen. Then, we’ll all do better taking home a little bit more. As our hard work is bringing in these gigantic profits, we say that we deserve a raise, too! Add your name here: Join us! -Mike T., Verizon Wireless worker
CWAdminJoin me in telling Verizon Wireless we ALL deserve a raise! We’ve earned it.
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Listen to first-ever Wireless Workers’ Town Hall Conference!

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call in!   Guest speakers emphasized the importance of the younger generations stepping up and not living in fear of having their voices heard. Those who are part of the union have fought for better wages, benefits and receive greater respect from their management. Missed out? You can listen here:
CWAdminListen to first-ever Wireless Workers’ Town Hall Conference!
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ATTENTION: Wireless Workers Join Historic Town Hall Call March 29th

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call in!   You won’t want to miss this historic event!
Who: Wireless Retail Workers
When: MARCH 29, 2015 @ 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
Info: Are you a retail worker at Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile or MetroPCS?
Get the real story directly from Brooklyn and Massachusetts Verizon Wireless workers, and T-Mobile/MetroPCS workers about how they found a voice and won a union and real improvements on the job. Be sure to join the historic, first-ever call of retail workers who are standing up to gain a voice at work. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get questions answered directly from your co-workers standing up across the Northeast. Your participation on this call will remain anonymous. Register here to be called for this free, live event!
CWAdminATTENTION: Wireless Workers Join Historic Town Hall Call March 29th
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Bargaining Begins In Everett, MA

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everett bargaining

Pat O’Neil CWA Representative, Gil Forero, Solutions Specialist, Verizon Wireless Everett, MA

Last Week Everett, MA Verizon Wireless workers began to bargain with management over their terms and conditions of employment. Knowing that we are stronger together we look forward to seeing what is possible now that we are at the bargaining table in both New York and Massachusetts. The more stores that join us in the CWA and at the bargaining table the more power we will have. Now is the time to get on board.    
CWAdminBargaining Begins In Everett, MA
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Verizon Wireless Call Center Workers Need A Voice!

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By an Anonymous Verizon Wireless Call Center Worker

I’m a customer service specialist at a Verizon Wireless call center. I’m choosing to remain anonymous. You can call me agent V. I was lucky, out of transition I was put on a Pro Team. My supervisor coaches Pros and a couple specialists. We have a front row seat to the “How to be the best” show, and out of any where in the call center these are the seats to be in. More than half of my transition team ended up together on a separate team. I can see them from my desk. They have a supervisor that berates them for asking clarifying questions during trainings. She doesn’t encourage them during their team huddles, and I can see their shoulders slumping from the pressure being put on them. Many of them haven’t worked in high volume call centers before and aren’t getting the guidance that’s vital to long term success. How does someone like this become a supervisor at a company that prides themselves on being the best? Why isn’t anyone stepping in and ending their humiliation? Because there is no one to step in. Our in house human resources team is one person. And HR’s job is to protect the company from their workers. So it continues. We had a kickoff within the last couple weeks, and our center director made sure to say that we don’t need a “third party” to step in. Maybe she doesn’t. She makes a living wage! She isn’t brow beaten during meetings and coachings. She tells us during every meeting how successful we are, how we are a Fortune 500 company. How cool is that? I work at a Fortune 500 company that is currently making record profits. She may be happy with the way things are but I’m not. I’m one of many representatives who need to know I have someone to call if my supervisor isn’t treating me fairly. I need someone to negotiate a living wage for all of us, not just management. Most importantly, I need to know my job is secure and I won’t be replaced with a less expensive option. When we join together into a union we can do these things for ourselves. If they want to call that a third party, fine. But we cannot wait for someone to fix our situation for us. Let’s get organized!
CWAdminVerizon Wireless Call Center Workers Need A Voice!
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