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Collective Action Has Verizon on the Ropes

Since the new Verizon Wireless commission plan came into effect several months ago, VZW workers have been alarmed at how the changes have affected their work.

“Verizon’s new Commission Plan pays so little, we cannot afford to meet our most basic needs,” wrote several workers in a petition to the company that was signed by hundreds of VZW workers across the country.  “We estimate that our monthly commission checks have gone down, on average, over 70%!”

It’s unacceptable, and VZW workers aren’t going to take it anymore. In addition to the petition, workers at several stores have banded together to demand directly to their management that the commission and quotas be restored to the old system – and they’ve won!In several locations where workers publicly demanded quota relief, the company felt enough pressure and agreed to make positive changes to the quota system.

CWA has been advising dozens and dozens of retail workers on how best to pressure the company to change quotas. Call us if you think your store has what it takes to push back against these unreasonable quotas, at (347) 979-2929.

RachelCollective Action Has Verizon on the Ropes