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Cricket Wireless Workers in NY Join CWA

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Just last month, a majority of sales representatives and technicians in New York State decided to stand together and join the 45,000 wireless workers at AT&T mobility. The victory comes within the same year as theMarlena workers at ALL Verizon Wireless stores in Brooklyn and the retail store in Everett, MA voted “YES!” to become a part of CWA union. These workers are taking a stand and building the growing movement to improve standards in the wireless industry. “This is a golden opportunity for me and my coworkers at Cricket. A lot of us have worked here for years and a union will mean we have a voice at the table and on our job,” says Marlena Williams, retail sales rep in Buffalo, NY. In both Verizon Wireless and Cricket, workers cited job security, representation, and respect as reasons for they stood up and joined the union.  Wireless workers are starting a movement. Who will be next to take a stand?  
CWAdminCricket Wireless Workers in NY Join CWA