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Hazelton VZW store votes to join CWA!

This movement just got a little bigger.

Verizon Wireless workers in Hazelton, PA voted in an overwhelming majority this morning to join the Communications Workers of America, becoming the latest group of VZW workers to join the movement that’s spreading throughout the country. Taking the first steps to organize and join a union are never easy – the Hazelton crew was faced with an intense anti union campaign, and were subjected to near constant meetings with high level managers.

But they stuck together, and stayed strong. They insisted on a voice at work to address a lack of job security, favoritism, and diminishing commissions, and knew that by standing together they’d have the power to fight back, gain a voice in their work, and help build this movement.

“I voted for a union because Verizon Wireless workers like me deserve a fair shake,” said Thomas Leshko, who’s been with Verizon Wireless for four years. “Through a union, we’ll be able to stand together for good, family supporting jobs at our store. Verizon is enjoying huge profits and a big tax break. Now it’s time for the company to invest in Pennsylvania workers and customers.”

We’re getting bigger, and getting stronger. With each new set of workers that takes the step to join together and fight for their voice on the job, we all get that much stronger. The Hazelton workers took that step – you can too.

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RachelHazelton VZW store votes to join CWA!