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My Journey To A Voice and A Union at Verizon Wireless

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By Mike Tisei, Solution Specialist, Everett MA Mike, VZWSix weeks ago my coworkers and I began a journey to form a union at Verizon Wireless in Everett, MA. When we began we knew in our heart it was we wanted but we didn’t know if we could overcome the fear. It wasn’t easy, but we overcome the fear and, in the end, we won. We pulled through, finding the strength within each other to carry us through this incredible experience. We came out victorious against corporate greed. Now, as I sit here in my bedroom still soaking up the feeling of excitement, I can’t help but want to share my story. I hope it helps others find the strength and courage to step up and show that we do indeed have a voice and that our movement cannot be stopped! When I first learned about the union from a coworker, I was skeptical and nervous. What would the future hold for me? What will happen to my friends and fellow co-workers? I had so many questions and emotions running through my head as I discussed the Union with my friends. I kept thinking that we wouldn’t be able to win this and I wouldn’t be brave enough to stand up for what is right. Despite these fears, I decided I couldn’t sit back while others fought for justice. I made a commitment to join with my coworkers to stand together and have each other’s backs as we fought for a better workplace. During the next 6 weeks Verizon management forced us into numerous meetings, telling us time after time that we don’t have a voice. But my coworkers and I reached out to each other to build our unity and our strength. With this mutual support, management’s lies and intimidation had little effect on us. During this time I was blessed with the birth of my child. Fighting for my future and my family’s future became even more meaningful. Knowing what I was fighting for and who I was fighting for, I found strength I never knew I had. It’s an incredible feeling looking back at how I went from being nervous and scared to finding my own strength to call out Verizon on their lies and greedy ways.
Mike is getting out the vote to his co-workers at VZW in Everett.

Mike is getting out the vote to his co-workers at VZW in Everett.

As I type this I think back to so many events that happened and how everything brought my friends and coworkers closer and how we became a family, and a Union. We have joined a bigger family with my 700,000 brothers and sisters of the CWA. For anyone who is thinking about going through this journey, I can’t say that it will be easy but what I can promise is it will bring you and your coworkers closer and you will come out stronger and more powerful than you can imagine, I know I sure did. Brooklyn started a movement and Everett continued the movement. Now the question is…..WHO’S NEXT?????
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