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Mike Tisei addresses thousands at Verizon union rally

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Good afternoon Brothers and Sisters! My name is Mike Tisei. I am a newly elected Chief Steward for the Verizon Wireless store in Everett, Massachussetts. Soon after our brothers and sisters in Brooklyn paved the way, we decided that we too wanted a voice on the job. And like our Brooklyn counterparts, we banded together and withstood the unethical, coercive, threatening campaign by management . We continued the movement, and voted to join CWA Local 1400.
Mike Tisei with CWA President Chris Shelton (Left)

Mike Tisei with CWA President Chris Shelton (Left)

It’s funny, all across the country now, Verizon Wireless management has had forced captive audience meetings with call center workers, with techs, and with retail workers warning us not to join together and form a union. They claim that CWA will just take our money, will force us to go on strike, will invade our stores, will bargain a contract that could make things worse. They say our union is a dying business that just wants our dues. While they make these threats and these lies, the top executives are pocketing millions and millions of dollars that we earned for them. In fact, if you take all the top executives together, they make about $20,000 per hour. So get this, while the top execs are stuffing cash that we earned for them into their own fat pockets, management spends millions warning their wireless workers not to join together. It is disgusting. Brothers and Sisters, for years, retail workers at Verizon have drunk the kool-aid. We thought that we had the best jobs, we thought we had it made. But over the years, with no union to protect us, management has been stripping away our pay, and weakening our job security. We were asleep for a long time, but brothers and sisters, but retail workers at Verizon Wireless are waking up! Thousands of us are talking to eachother now on CWA’s facebook page Verizon Workers Rising. Management didn’t have enough union busters on staff to deal with us – the only place in the company they are hiring is in their union-busting department! Let me close by saying this: I have a new baby at home. As I start my family, I will fight  with everything I have to protect my job and my ability to care for my son. Like all of you in the audience, I can’t fight Verizon alone. That is why I voted to join CWA. I now have an army behind me. The army is 38,000 strong. We support you just as you have supported us in our fight against Verizon. You have more friends in wireless than ever before. Thank you brother and sisterss!
CWAdminMike Tisei addresses thousands at Verizon union rally