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Store X: Verizon Wireless Uses Fear and Division to Keep Union Out

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The following was written anonymously to protect the author. However what is written really happened at his/her store.

Verizon Wireless is afraid of our power. They know that if we unite and form a union we will be able to demand significant improvements in wages, commission structure, job descriptions, benefits and more. They have devised a plan to stop us from accessing this power. It first begins in pre-hire training.  The frequent mentioning of anti-union ideals to an audience lacking any real sort of education on the topic gives them a head start.  Now comes the discouragement on the job; the private one on one talks if they think you are leaning pro-union.  Staying low key about the situation becomes increasingly difficult.  Meetings leaning heavily towards a “don’t join the union” vibe are annoying and unwanted.  A more interesting twist comes into play when a band of new hire experience specialists and operations specialists get a huge six-thousand dollar pay increase after only one month with the company.  Now the tenured trainers are making close to the same amount as people who have worked for the company for a fraction of the time.  Conveniently the new hires that got the raise outnumber the employees who have been loyal to the company for years.  For obvious reasons the tenure employees (all non-management positions included) have a sense of resentment towards the new hires.  While the newbies feel content with a large raise veterans are unhappy and distracted by a new found disdain towards their fellow co-workers.  Pinning fellow workers against each other while fortifying strong anti-union perceptions to a largely naïve employee audience is a solid game plan. We, the retail workers, call center workers, and techs of Verizon Wireless, make this company run. Without us they cannot make a single dollar in profit. If we don’t let these tactics of fear, bribery, and division break us apart nothing can stop us. So let me ask you this, what’s our game plan?

CWAdminStore X: Verizon Wireless Uses Fear and Division to Keep Union Out