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Interview With Colin Hull, Brooklyn VZW Sales Rep

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Last May, Brooklyn VZW retail workers voted 39 to 19 to join the Communications Workers of America. In this interview Colin explains why he decided to support a union and how it feels to be a member now that he and his co-workers have won their election. Q. How long have you worked at Verizon Wireless?  A. I have worked at Verizon Wireless for 7 years. Q. What has changed about the company since you first started working here? A. Over the years I went from loving to work for this company to considering taking my talents to South Beach so to speak… Lol.  The company started cutting commission payouts and work demands increased without additional compensation. I believe this was done only for the shortsighted benefColinit of the company and not for the employees. Q. Why did you decide that you wanted to fight for a union at Verizon Wireless?  A. I decided to fight for a union here at VZW because I felt that the pay was not equivalent to the work that I’m producing. I felt as though if my workload was increasing, so should my payout.  I also came to the realization that there was no opportunity for advancement.  Over the years of working for Verizon Wireless I have consistently proven to be a top performer.  I have won many awards as top performing in all 4 quarters also I have won THE WINNERS CIRCLE 2yrs in a row.  Even though I was producing so much for the company I was not being given the respect or compensation that my work showed I deserved. Q. How does it feel to work here now that you have a union?  A. I feel strongly it’s going to make this company a much better place to work. We have a voice on the job and a voice at the bargaining table. We as employees have a say so! I also feel we gained respect from our managers and peers!  I haven’t felt the full effect of having a union yet since we are still negotiating our first contract, but things are better already.
CWAdminInterview With Colin Hull, Brooklyn VZW Sales Rep
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