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Union Workers Fight For Everyone @ VZW

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Employees in Brooklyn, NY and Everett, MA are still at the table with Verizon Wireless to bargain a first contract. The employees and the union have worked together to draft proposals dealing with topics ranging from scheduling to dress code. While the company has acted tough in the face of our demands, our proposals have led to improvements company wide. Wireless and Wireline: tronger together   Last year, we made a proposal while we were bargaining with management asking to wear jeans to accompany our smart attire. The rep for Verizon Wireless insisted that he this was a ridiculous request and we moved on to other issues. Then a couple months later VZW announced they would allow the employees to wear jeans through the holiday season. In January, they claimed they wanted everyone to be comfortable so they had decided that wearing jeans would be allowed permanently. Another proposal we passed to suggested that increasing compensation for renewals would help to stimulate overall productivity and help reduce churn. Shortly after rejecting our proposal, they implemented a contest in the northeast where your renewals helped accelerate you to a multiplier which was exactly how we proposed it. Union Stores Have Options Verizon Wireless recently introduced a new commissions plan nationwide that gives the appearance of increased comp for renewals but doesn’t quite satisfy our request. They admitted they would be increasing sales dollar goals to reflect the fact that you retire a higher percentage off of renewals. Brooklyn and Everett have not accepted this commission plan and continues to bargain with the company on what their comp plan will look like.

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