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Verizon Hires $1,000/hour Lawyer to Try to Stop Union

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union busting attorney arthurVerizon Wireless hired Arthur Telegen to advise them on breaking the union in Everett. Mr. Telegen is a “Labor and Employment” lawyer who will carry out VZW’s plan to break the union in Everett. Besides doing VZW’s anti union bidding, Telegen has worked for a wide range of employers representing management’s side in employment discrimination cases and wrongful termination cases. Verizon Wireless will pay him around $1,000 per hour for his services. In Brooklyn, where retail workers successfully organized, VZW also hired a similar lawyer to try to break the union, and of course they lost again. Verizon Wireless will spend obscene amounts of money to try to keep us from having a voice on the job, but when we stick with our co-workers, we have the power to WIN!  
CWAdminVerizon Hires $1,000/hour Lawyer to Try to Stop Union