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Verizon Wireless MGMT does NOT want you to read this

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Dear Co-Worker @ Verizon Wireless,

We are the elected bargaining teams from Verizon landline, Verizon Wireless technicians, and Verizon Wireless Retail. We are workers in Verizon, just like you.

Tear Down the Wall

For years, our company has put up a wall separating Verizon wireline workers from Verizon Wireless workers. On one side of that wall, Verizon landline workers enjoy the protections and higher pay and better benefits of belonging to our union. The company has tried everything to keep wireless workers out of the union. But things are now changing.

Wireless Workers are Joining Our Union

In 1989, Verizon Wireless technicians in the NYC area joined the union, and as a result, enjoy better pay and stronger job security than their non-union counterparts. In 2014, all Verizon Wireless workers in Brooklyn joined the union, and a few months later, wireless workers in Everett, Mass voted to join the union too.

Now, all 35,000 landline workers, and 200 Verizon Wireless workers in both retail and tech are bargaining for a new contract. Although we are bargaining different contracts, we are acting as one union. We know that through solidarity and unity, Verizon landline and Verizon wireless workers are stronger together.

We Are Stronger Together

We know that management has tried to scare many of you away from your union brothers and sisters; unfortunately, management has not told the truth about our union, about dues, etc. Just about everything they say about us is not true. We are workers like you. We work for the same company. The more of us that join together, the stronger we will be. This fact scares the company.

August 1

We continue to negotiate for a historic first contract for retail workers in Brooklyn and Everett, MA. On August 1, our contract with wireless techs and landline workers expire. In the coming months, we certainly hope that the company – which reaped 4.22 BILLION in profits last year– agrees to negotiate in good faith for a fair contract for both landline and wireless techs and retail workers. If they don’t negotiate fairly, we will soon use our power and collective voice to educate customers about our struggle for justice. In this event, we will be back at this store – but we want you to know that our dispute is with those at the top, not with the hard working Experience and Solutions Specialists at Verizon Wireless. We invite you to join our movement.

 Call us at 347-979-2929 anonymously for more info.

In Unity!

Your bargaining teams   For landline: Keith Purce, Local 1101 Tony Spina, Local 1109 Don Tremetozzi, Local 1400   For Verizon Wireless Retail: Bianca Cunningham, Local 1109 Brooklyn Gil Forrero, Local 1400, Everett Tatiana Hill, Local 1109 Brooklyn   For Wireless Technicians: Joey Adams, Local 1101 Mike Baxter, Local 1101 Tom Gentile, Local 1101    
CWAdminVerizon Wireless MGMT does NOT want you to read this