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Verizon Wireline & Wireless: Stronger Together

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Hundreds of Verizon Wireline union members rallied and picketed outside of Verizon Wireless stores demanding raises, job security, fair quotas, and better working conditions for Verizon Wireless workers.
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Verizon Wireless and Verizon workers united in Everett, MA

Currently the 39,000 Verizon wireline union members are renegotiating their contract. The company, which makes $1 Billion per month, is trying to slash job security, destroy pensions, and increase healthcare costs. At the same time the seven union Verizon Wireless Retail stores in Brooklyn, NY and Everett, MA are fighting for their first contract. They are demanding a raise, job security, and a fair quota/commission structure. When we stand together, across the wireline/wireless divide, we are all stronger. That is why so many of us came out yesterday to support the struggle in Verizon Wireless. When just over 50 Verizon Wireless techs in the New York Metro Area joined the union in 1989 they were able to win a first contract with the help of their brothers and sisters in Wireline. Since then most of the improvement they have won have been passed on to the rest of the Wireless techs. We believe that the same thing will happen in retail. Brooklyn, Everett, and the entire wireline side of the company are fighting for you!unnamed (2) The more wireless workers who join the fight, the stronger we will be and the more we can win. Give us a call or reply to this e mail confidentially to find out how you can join with your brothers and sisters in the fight for a more just Verizon Wireless. You have the legal right to organize a union. Happy Labor Day weekend. Fought for and won by the union movement.

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