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VZW Workers to Company, “We Deserve A Raise!”

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By Gil Forero, VZW Solutions Specialist Everett, MA, CWA Bargaining Committee Member gil Contract negotiations at Verizon Wireless in Brooklyn, NY and Everett, MA have reached a critical point. Earlier this month, we proposed a comprehensive compensation package to the company in both locations. The package we proposed includes increases in base pay and commissions / bonuses that we felt reflected the hard work we have put into the company. Among the highlights in our proposal is an increase in base rates as well as a standardization of raises to insure that reps reach top rate in a reasonable amount of time. It also includes provisions which would ensure a fair administration of the quota setting process as well as improvements to commission payouts. Our hard work has led to 4.2 billion in profits for Verizon Wireless in the first quarter of 2015 alone. As frontline employees we deserve a share of this massive profit. Not surprisingly Verizon Wireless disagrees. Despite its billions in profits, management rejected our proposal without giving it serious consideration. On the other hand Lowell McAdams gave himself a 16% raise to 18.3 million a year. We are responding to the company’s rejection of our proposal by starting to mobilize in Brooklyn and Everett, showing our unity by wearing red CWA wristbands. Our 35,000 brothers and sisters in the landline side of the company have also begun to mobilize for their contract. They have our backs, just like we have their backs. This is what solidarity is all about. We believe when all is said and done we will win a good contract with real improvements in compensation.
CWAdminVZW Workers to Company, “We Deserve A Raise!”