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VZW Retail Workers Score Huge Victories in New Union Contract!

Two years ago after Verizon Wireless workers in Brooklyn, NY stood shoulder-to-shoulder with 36,000 other Verizon workers to win a union contract, the Communications Workers of America have come to a tentative agreement with Verizon on a four-year contract extension! The new breakthrough contract will include:

  • More money
    • Members will participate in the annual merit based process in the same fashion as similarly-situated employees, but the pool available cannot drop lower than:
      • 3% effective June 2020
      • 2.75% effective June 2021
      • 2.5% effective June 2022
      • 2.5% effective June 2023
    • One-time ratification bonus of $900 for full-time Brooklyn workers ($450 for part-time) given out within 30 days of signing the new contract.
  • Input on improvements to scheduling – Quarterly meetings will be held between Management and the union to discuss further improvements that can be made to scheduling.
  • Less arbitrary scheduling – Members will now be able to challenge arbitrary changes in scheduling, vacations, holidays, or personal days through the grievance and arbitration process.
  • Better standards for overtime scheduling – managers will be required to seek volunteers for overtime work when additional coverage is required. If there are no volunteers, managers will be required to select the employee who has had the longest time since being required to work overtime.

Brooklyn VZW workers met on Tuesday night to go over the new contract details and there was a palpable excitement about these huge victories – but sticking to union democracy, a vote to ratify the new contract will be held over the next few weeks, with results coming on August 10.

It hasn’t been an easy victory, but the wage increases and the ability to have a say in our scheduling and work life was worth the fight. Joining a union has paid off for us – it can pay off for you too.

RachelVZW Retail Workers Score Huge Victories in New Union Contract!