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Women Workers Deserve Better from Verizon

Neither of us ever expected to find ourselves in this position—blowing the whistle on the largest wireless company in America. But we’re motivated by an obligation to our families, our customers and our coworkers. We have an obligation to the truth.

Check out this must-read article written by two Verizon workers, Tasha Murrell and Jennifer Womack for Ms. Magazine – one a call center worker and one a warehouse worker – who bravely stood up to try and put an end to the abuse and harassment running rampant throughout the company, as well as call attention to Verizon’s anti-union stance and their union-busting tactics. Back in Texas, Jennifer continues to work with her coworkers including Latasha French to demand a voice and real solutions to issues they face at work.

“Last year, women who worked at a Verizon-contracted XPO warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee started blowing the whistle on various forms of workplace abuse—from rampant sexual harassment to devastating pregnancy discrimination. The horrendous conditions at XPO, initially exposed by The New York Times, prompted senators, members of the House and women’s and civil rights organizations to call on XPO to correct the abuses.”

Tasha and Jennifer detailed the fight that Verizon workers have taken on to make their workplaces safer and more fair, including organizing to join unions, and the scrutiny they’ve faced from the company as a result.

“Creating this hostile, anti-union environment is illegal,” they noted in the article. “But Verizon spends tens of thousands of dollars on corporate lawyers to help them skirt the law. Meanwhile, the company has closed six call centers over the past year, and closed my previous department, making everyone worry for the future of their jobs.”  

There’s a reason Verizon works so hard to stop its workers from organizing: because they know as well as we do how powerful we are when we stand together. Tasha and Jennifer and hundreds of others like them have powered through the company’s anti-union tactics to fight for their rights on the job and their rights to form a union.  

You can join them. Take the first step by calling us at (347) 979-2929.

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RachelWomen Workers Deserve Better from Verizon