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What We Won As Union Verizon Wireless Retail Workers

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Wireless workers win big.   BIG NEWS: Last week union retail Verizon Wireless workers in Brooklyn and Everett voted overwhelmingly in favor of their first contract. Our heroic struggle paid off with major improvements. Verizon has been spreading misinformation about our contract. The truth is we won more job security than any employee in all of Verizon Wireless. We won improvements in wages. We continue to enjoy the same SPIFFs, incentives, and competitions as everyone else, and have for the past two years. If the contract was not a major improvement, why would management fight so hard to stop other Verizon wireless employees from getting this same deal? Highlights of the contract include…
  • Protection from unfair discipline.
  • Elected union representatives present for all disciplinary investigations.
  • Protection against favoritism in raises.
  • Massive improvements in job security.
  • Conversion of “at risk” CEI pay to guaranteed pay, which results in hundreds of dollars of additional pay.
  • Schedule swapping without needing to ask permission.
  • Guarantee to share in any improvements non union Verizon Wireless workers receive.
For more details of the contract see the bargaining report here. These improvements only came about because the CWA members in these 7 retail stores stood together and fought for something better. You can do that too. If you are interested in bringing these improvements to your store please contact us. When we stand united, WE WIN! To learn more about the CWA and get the TRUTH about the contract please call 347 979-2929
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